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losticons's Journal

Icons for the ABC show Lost
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  • Please post your icons here. Or link to POST THAT CONTAINS the icons that are in your journal or community. Never link to a friends-only journal/community. If you have problems with that, you can leave your icons public for a few days, so everyone can see them, and then change the setting back.

  • Please don't post anything other than icon posts in this community. You may pimp a Lost icon-related community with permission but don't post any other fandom-related icon communities.

  • Use a LJ cut if you are posting any spoiler-y icons (icons are considered spoiler-y if the episode that they're from aired within the past 7 days of the icons being posted or contain major plot points (e.g. characters being killed) from episodes that aired within the past 14 days of the icons being posted), screen caps or pictures. Also, use one if you have more than 3 icons. It's just courteous that way.

  • Posting wallpapers and/or other graphics is fine, as long as they are in an icon post.

  • No request posts, please.

  • If you have more than 3 icons, put them behind LJ cuts, with teasers showing please.

  • Please do not make a post for just one icon, as this community is as huge as it is, single icon posts tend to clog up the community page. Just keep making more of them before posting all at once.

  • New guidelines have recently been enforced. Please take some time to read them here.

  • If any of these rules aren't followed, the post may be deleted. We think these rules are simple enough for all icon makers out there.



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